Our Mission

Global Great Works in the Context of the Contemporary World

Liberal Studies, a dynamic, global learning community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff, is redefining the liberal arts for the Twenty-First Century. Our mission is to pioneer an interdisciplinary undergraduate education that engages students in interrogating the global great works traditions and forging the new traditions that will shape the future.

Liberal Studies provides a true core curriculum experience, emphasizing the great works of the world’s leading cultures from antiquity to the present moment. We break down traditional majors to move across disciplines and to move outside the traditional classroom. We innovate pedagogical technologies, place-based and experiential learning, and faculty and student mobility throughout NYU’s unique Global Network of learning centers and portal campuses.

Liberal Studies creates a world community whose small classes, close contact between faculty and students, individual advising, and rich co-curricular programming in all of our cities prepare students for academic and career success. Together, our faculty, students, alumni, and staff produce global leaders who will become agents of change in a changing world...