Global Liberal Studies Advising

As a GLS student, you will be matched with a professional academic advisor who will work with you closely throughout your undergraduate career. Your advisor helps you to navigate course registration, university policies and resources, and special academic opportunities. You will also work with your advisor to select your junior year study away site based on your academic interests, professional goals, and language skills.

First Year Support: Faculty Mentor

In your first year at NYU, you and your classmates will meet regularly with a GLS first-year faculty mentor, who will talk with you about the GLS curriculum, its relation to your junior year site selection, and your overall undergraduate experience. You will also discuss how your undergraduate experiences impact lifelong intellectual and professional pursuits, shape interests, and create meaningful aspirations.

Additional Support: Concentration Mentors

As a sophomore, you declare a concentration and are paired with a concentration-specific faculty mentor. This mentor works with you until graduation. In your senior year, you also work closely with your thesis supervisor and senior colloquium instructor. GLS students further enjoy rich interactions with other faculty, such as those who teach senior seminars, junior research seminars and sophomore methods courses in their declared concentrations.

Choosing Your Classes

In Global Liberal Studies, you complete a liberal arts core curriculum with a global focus, and an upper division curriculum that builds your expertise in a particular area of Global Studies. Learn more about the required classes in the GLS curriculum. As a sophomore GLS student, you will select a concentration that represents a field of global studies on which your upper-division courses are focused. Learn about the different concentration options.

Ready to choose your classes? Check out the current Course Descriptions for more detailed information about classes offered through Liberal Studies, including course themes and topics.

Junior Year Abroad Advising

Your advisor will work closely with you to review all the options for your junior year abroad site and help you select the best opportunity based on your academic goals and research interests. While you are studying abroad, your advisor will stay in contact by email or Skype to help you stay informed about deadlines and requirements.

Additional Academic Opportunities

Interested in complementing your GLS major with academic work outside of Liberal Studies?

NYU offers more than one hundred minors across the University that are all open to you.

You may also declare a second major in NYU’s College of Arts and Science. Depending on the program, some credits may be counted toward both majors, and formal arrangements have been established with certain departments in CAS (such as English, European Studies, French and Spanish).  If planning to pursue a double major, make sure to discuss those plans with your academic advisor and the department chair.

Or, you may apply for an accelerated B.A./M.A. degree, earning your master’s degree at a program within NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science or NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in a shorter time and at less cost than is typically the case. Learn more about accelerated dual degree programs.

With extensive knowledge about NYU’s variety of academic programs, your advisor will help you identify the best academic plan for you.

Important Dates

September 5, 2017
Fall classes begin
September 18, 2017 
Last day to drop/add classes (drop without a "W")
September 19, 2017
Waitlists purged (waitlists do not continue after this date)

October 9, 2017
Fall Recess (no classes scheduled)

November 6, 2017
Last day to drop classes with a "W". After this date you cannot drop any classes for the term.

Check the NYU Academic Calendar for changes or more information.