New First-Year Washington Square Students

Find registration instructions for your first semester based on the program to which you were admitted:

Get more information about beginning at NYU on the New Students page.

Continuing Students

Registration for classes follows the university schedule:

  • In November, students are activated to register for the spring semester
  • In April, students are activated to register for the fall semester

Every semester, your advisor will send email announcements to flag these dates. Visit the NYU Registrar for important dates and deadlines.

Before you can register for classes, your academic advisor must “clear” you to enroll. Each semester you will receive instructions from your advisor on steps for clearance, which include an in-person meeting, either:

  • attending a pre-registration information session led by an academic advisor, or
  • scheduling an individual registration appointment with your academic advisor.

Advisors will review with you any outstanding requirements; advise you on choosing electives; and answer your questions about majors, minors, requirements, and important deadlines.

After receiving approval and clearance from your advisor, you may register online via Albert at your assigned registration date and time.

To see which LS courses are available, check current course listings for the Core Program or for Global Liberal Studies.

How to Register

You register for classes online through Albert, the NYU student information system. Follow steps for registering on Albert or watch the instructional video. If you still have questions about using Albert, contact your academic advisor.

Schedule Changes: You may access adjust your schedule using Albert through the end of the second week of classes. All schedule changes made after the third week of the semester must be approved by your academic advisor.

Questions about using Albert? Contact your academic advisor or refer to the guides.

Registration FAQs

Can I take courses in other schools outside Liberal Studies?
Yes. You can take courses in other schools at NYU, though you should still observe any stated prerequisites for the class. Note: Some courses may require special approval or access codes from the sponsoring departments, and those must be obtained directly from the department or school offering the course.

Some schools offer course options and registration guidance specifically for students not enrolled in that school.

The class I want is closed. Should I join the waitlist?
Some courses outside of Liberal Studies offer a waitlist option when the course closes. If you choose to join the waitlist, the requirements to be enrolled through the waitlist are the same as the standard enrollment requirements for that course (including prerequisites, maximum credit limits, no registration holds, etc). To avoid possible time conflicts or credit overloads if a waitlist seat opens, always use the swap function in ALBERT to indicate which course should be replaced.  Full-time tuition is based on 12-18 credits, and there is a maximum limit of 18 credits per semester. In case a waitlist seat does not open, you should always register in an alternate section when available.

Can I register for any 2-credit classes?
You can register for up to 18 total credits per semester with no additional tuition charges. Consult the University Course Search, which allows you to search by school, credit amount, subject, keyword, semester, and more.  Note: Some courses require special approval or access codes from the sponsoring departments; and these must be obtained directly from the department or school offering the course.

If I register for more than 18 credits in one semester, will I have to pay additional fees?
After your first semester, you may consult with your advisor about the possibility of registering for more than 18 credits. If approved, please note there are some important implications:

  1. Financial Aid: Your tuition charge covers a credit load of 12-18 credits per semester. Any enrollment exceeding 18 credits is charged the per-credit rate; review current Tuition and Fee Rates. The excess credits may impact your financial aid. It is your responsibility to contact the Office of Financial Aid to understand how your financial aid may be affected.
  2. Degree Progress: Overloading credits may also affect your curricular planning and degree progress; you should therefore meet with an academic advisor before making this decision.

If I drop a class, will I receive a refund?
It depends on how many credits you are enrolled in, how many credits you drop, and when you drop the credits. Please refer to the NYU Tuition Refund Schedule for information specific to fall and spring semesters, summer session, and January term.  If you drop a course during an academic semester though, yet remain registered in at least 12 credits, you should still be charged the standard full-time tuition.

How do I withdraw from a course?
Consult with your advisor before requesting to withdraw through Albert. You must withdraw from a course by the end of the ninth week of classes during the fall and spring terms (or a comparable date during the summer or winter, based on percentage of the term completed). Your request to withdraw will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, a “W” will be recorded on your transcript, though will not be included in the calculation of your grade point average. Always consult the deadlines for the current semester.

What is the significance of receiving a “W” for a dropped class?
The grade “W” indicates an official withdrawal from a course, and its significance varies based on your particular circumstances. If you have a single “W” on your transcript, and you have a legitimate and justifiable reason for having withdrawn from the class, then it should not represent a special concern. However, if you have a pattern of “W’s” in multiple courses or consecutive semesters, or if you have withdrawn from a particular class multiple times, someone reviewing your transcript may interpret it as a cause for concern.

How do I take a course Pass/Fail?
You may elect one pass/fail option each semester, including summer session. A total of 16 credits may be taken pass/fail while enrolled in Liberal Studies. Only select courses are eligible to be taken pass/fail; refer to Pass/Fail Option in the LS Bulletin. To choose pass/fail grading in a course, you must submit a Pass/Fail Request Form by the deadline for that semester.

Where can I find more course registration information?
You can find additional details on course registration policies in the LS Bulletin. Consult your academic advisor with any questions about how to register for courses.