GLS Junior Year Abroad

A full academic year of international study is required for all Global Liberal Studies (GLS) juniors, setting GLS apart from other majors. Throughout your first three semesters in the program, you will acquire a broad understanding of the interconnections between world cultures. In the spring semester of sophomore year, you will begin to prepare for the junior year away at your chosen city of study. 

Your city of study is carefully selected to coordinate with every aspect of your academic career, because you don't just study at the international site -- the site itself becomes an important subject of study. Hands-on experiential learning, classes focused on local history and culture, and language courses immerse you in the history and contemporary culture of the site. Upon returning to New York City for senior year, you will join a senior colloquium that engages you in analyzing your international experience within a global framework. You will also complete a senior thesis that grows out of your prior study, including the junior year abroad.

Students currently select from the following junior year sites:

*Students beginning Fall 2016 or later.

Additional sites may be available on a case-by-case basis.