GLS Senior Builds Writing Skills In and Out of Class

Alina's long-time love of writing is being put to good use through internships with magazines in New York City and abroad.

Global Liberal Studies (GLS) senior Alina Heim is busy in and outside the classroom this year, spending several hours a week in midtown's Hearst Publishing offices as a Features Intern forHarper's Bazaar. Originally from Manhattan Beach, California, Alina spent her junior year at NYU Berlin, where she interned in the Arts and Culture Department of Zitty Berlin magazine for her Experiential Learning placement, an immersive hands-on component of the GLS degree. Alina, who is also minoring in Media, Culture, and Communication, tells us about her journalism career to date.


How did you get interested in writing?

I've wanted to be a journalist ever since I participated in my school newspaper in the 8th grade, but none of my aspirations felt like they could become reality until I took Elayne Tobin's Writing I and II classes freshman year. She showed me how to use my personal experiences and observations in my writing to create more compelling pieces.

Which classes have been most helpful in shaping your writing skills?
Again, Elayne Tobin's Writing I and II classes were critical to developing my voice. And Joseph Thometz's Social Foundations I class, because he forced me to distill hugely abstract philosophical concepts into concrete terms. Pretty challenging for a freshman course, but so useful in the long run




Describe a typical day for you at your internship.
My main responsibility is to keep Bazaar's "culture lists" in the Features Department organized and up-to-date. This means that I'm constantly researching new films, TV shows, and music that will be released over the next few months. In between updating these lists, I'm usually transcribing an interview for one of our editors or looking up PR contacts.

What's the most exciting thing you've experienced interning at Harper's Bazaar?
During my first week, I transcribed an interview with Lena Dunham on her new book. That made me really giddy.

What are your career aspirations for after you graduate from NYU?
My dream is to be an editor. And to move back to Berlin. Hopefully those two will go together.  

What advice would you give to another GLS student interested in landing a journalism internship?
Get your name out there. It doesn't matter if you're writing for the school newspaper or a relatively unknown start-up publication. These experiences will add up eventually, and get you where you want to be. DON'T GIVE UP. Also, don't skimp on your social media. Twitter and Facebook are very powerful tools for sharing your work -- use them!

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Updated on 12/22/2014