Liberal Studies Politics Club Earns Award

Each year, NYU recognizes a select few students and student organizations for making a significant impact on the University community. Such service to the University is particularly commendable for the fact that it is pursued voluntarily, out of genuine commitment to a cause. This year, the Liberal Studies (LS) Politics Club is being honored with the President’s Service Award for its dedication to creating an inclusive forum for students to share political concerns and awareness. 

LS Politics Club meets every other Wednesday to discuss topics suggested by members themselves. Guest speakers—often Liberal Studies professors, whose scholarship ranges from Middle Eastern conflict to government in South America—may be invited to share expertise on the given topic.  But the group discussion that follows is what most evokes the objective of the club, which is to foster an environment where people can feel comfortable discussing, debating, and educating themselves on issues that matter on an individual and global scale. Week after week brings active involvement from not only students, but also LS professors, who participate in the discussions as peers. Susan Lee, LS Politics Club president, reflected on what this President's Service Award recognition means to the organization: “I’m really proud of the fact that our politics club was able to create that sort of community in a real student-run organization atmosphere.” 

Lee credits the active participation in LS Politics Club in part to the organization’s approach to politics as something that exists at a personal level. “Our definition of politics is very broad,” she explains, “We believe it is as much individual and domestic as it is international and humanitarian.” Empowering Liberal Studies students with the awareness that they can be active citizens of the world by engaging in community discussion ultimately serves the greater good of the NYU student body and, as the University expands its global network, the world

LS Politics Club advisor J. Ward Regan with
president Susan Lee at the awards ceremony.