Ascension Mejorado

Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D., Complutense University of Madrid

Areas of Interest: Industrialization and Economic Development; Technical Progress and Its Impact on Employment; The European Union: Its History and Monetary Institutions.

Course(s) Taught: Principles of Macroeconomics; Principles of Microeconomics; Global Topics: Women, Development & Globalization; Global Topics: Economic Development and Historical Patterns of Industrialization; Global Topics: Strategies for Economic Growth and Full Employment: A World Perspective; Senior Colloquium

Fellowships/Honors: LS Outstanding Program Service Award, 2011 NYU-SCPS, Award for Teaching Excellence, 2002

Teaching Statement: Teaching economics is an evolving practice made utterly rewarding by the stimulating environment of our small classes. In my courses students’ creativity and participation are paramount. My economics students work with online-based quantitative exercises which together with class discussions provide them with a variety of real-case scenarios useful in understanding the course material. I always encourage them to attend the Economics Club to share with their peers views on current economic events and discuss with guest speakers relevant contemporary issues. Classroom activities are complemented with trips to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York Stock Exchange. My greatest reward as a teacher is given by my students’ enthusiastic involvement in class projects and scholarly work. In my philosophical approach to education, teaching and learning are interwoven in a relationship of trust and respect which I believe leads to the free exchange of ideas and independent thinking. Teaching economics involves nurturing a way of reasoning that prepares students to rise to the challenges looming in their future as members of the global community.



•    Profitability and the Great Recession. The Role of Accumulation Trends in the Financial Crisis (2013)

•    New Perspectives in Managing Ireland’s Economy for the Country to Thrive in the Turbulence of World Markets.
- Volume I: The Output Competitiveness Assessment Model (2011)
- Volume II: New Conceptual Direction to Expand Ireland’s Economic Framework for Output Growth and Job Creation (2012)

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