Elayne Tobin

Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh- Cultural and Critical Studies

Areas of Interest: Celebrity Culture; Popular Culture; Film and Television; History of New York; Bohemian Culture; Autobiography; Biography

Course(s) Taught: Writing I; Writing II: Memoir and Autobiography; Celebrity: An Historical Exploration of Modern Fame; Creative Writing: Global Voices; Distant Voices, Other Rooms: Autobiography, Memoir, and the Global Mind; Celebrity: An Exploration of Fame and the Global Brand


    Director, Global Lecture Series
    Liberal Studies Distinguished Service Award, 2014
    Cultural Studies Dissertation Award
    Andrew Mellon Dissertation Fellowship
    LS Student's Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007

Teaching Statement: I teach a dialogue-based class, with contemporary readings and mixed media. I encourage students to take risks in their thinking and writing, while respecting the discipline of the crafts of writing and thought. I try to expose students to exciting examples of the written word, and of creative media production. By studying contemporary phenomenas, we can help formulate theories with important historical implications.


Updated on 03/08/2016