Kevin Bonney


Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, Northwestern University

Areas of Interest: Chagas Disease, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Case Study Teaching Method, Civic Engagement, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Course(s) Taught: Life Science, Science of Technology

Teaching Statement: My goal in teaching is for my students to develop scientific literacy. I want my students to not only understand fundamental scientific principles, but to effectively form and evaluate arguments regarding the role of science in historical, societal, economic, and public health issues. To promote active learning, I provide students lecture material and a wide range of texts to cover outside of class so that we can maximize our time in class by deeply engaging with the material during discussions and debates, and by working on problems together.

Affiliation: Associate Editor, The American Biology Teacher


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Updated on 02/19/2016