Shouleh Vatanabadi

Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D, State University of New York Binghampton

Course(s) Taught: Middle Eastern Cultures; Global Topics: European Global Cities: European Middle Easterners; Cultural Foundations I, II & III

Teaching Statement: In my years of classroom experience, I have learned that there is not just one approach to good teaching. My guiding principle has always been the belief that students should be active participants in class, rather than passive receivers of information. To achieve an effective process of learning in my classes I make sure that the voices of all the students who come from different backgrounds are included in a collective process of reading, questioning, and discussing the course material. I incorporate this philosophy in the way I compose my courses as well. My class, Middle Eastern Cultures, while examining the complexities of this geography, emphasizes the ways in which global cultures have influenced each other. In content and form, what I teach and how I teach it, my goal is to make available possibilities where the students realize their potential to be independent critical thinkers who look at the world through a multi-dimensional lens.


Updated on 11/08/2016