Patricio Navia

Patricio Navia

Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D., New York University, Politics

M.A., University of Chicago, Political Science

B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, Political Science and Sociology

Areas of Interest: Democratization; Democratic Institutions; Electoral Rules; Political Parties and Public Opinion Polls

Course(s) Taught: Latin American Cultures, Approaches: Democracy and Development in Latin America

Teaching Statement:

I see teaching and research as two interdependent and inseparable components of academic life. Teaching is the way for me to communicate my research, but I also inform my research interests with the feedback I receive from students in my classes. I believe being a good researcher makes me a better teacher and striving to teach more effectively helps me sharpen and focus my own research interests.

I cannot see myself devoting my entire time to doing research just as I feel I would not successfully fulfill my teaching commitments and obligations without conducting research and publishing scholarly articles and books. I believe that my research interests and the ability to conduct research make me a better teacher and help me improve my teaching skills and abilities.

As a political scientist interested in democratic consolidation, democratic institutions, elections and development in Latin America, my research interests have led me to expand my horizons beyond political science into history, economics and sociology. In trying to understand the cultural context under which democratic institutions evolve—and occasionally fail to consolidate—I have also been drawn into literature, essays and fiction, and other artistic expressions. As a result, my research interests have broadened and my ability to bring together scholarly contributions from different fields have improved.


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  • "El Díscolo. Conversaciones con Marco Enriquez-Ominami" Editorial Debate, Santiago, 2009.
  • "El genoma electoral chileno. Dibujando el mapa genético de las preferencias políticas en Chile" (edited with Renato Briceño and Mauricio Morales), Editorial Universidad Diego Portales, 2009.
  • "Que gane ‘el más mejor’: Merito y competencia en el Chile de hoy" (with Eduardo Engel) Santiago: Random House Mondadori, Debate, 2006.
  • "Las grandes alamedas: El Chile post Pinochet." Santiago: La Tercera-Mondadori, 2004.

Blog in La Tercera, a Chilean newspaper:
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