Louis P. Pataki


Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

J.D. Indiana University, Bloomington

Ph.D. Astronomy- Yale University

M.S. Astronomy- Yale University

B.S. Physics - Yale University

Areas of Interest: Planetary Astrophysics; History of Astronomy; Teaching of Astronomy

Course(s) Taught: History of the Universe


    Silliman/Yale College Fellowship (Yale University)
    John H. Edwards Fellowship (Indiana University)

Teaching Statement:

If you are one of my science students you do not intend to become a scientist. I understand that, and my courses are designed for you. I want you to come to understand science as a powerful way of looking at the world, but not the only way. I expect you to learn the basic science of astronomy, but more importantly, I want you to come to an understanding of how science works - of the power and limitations of science - and an understanding of why scientists believe the things we think we know.

In so far as possible I try to use two techniques in my courses. I believe that students learn science best when they discover answers themselves with a maximum degree of hands on experiences, and I believe in using an historical approach, studying the impact of society on scientific understanding and of scientific understanding on society.

I believe that learning at the college level is a student responsibility. My role is to guide and assist you as you come to an understanding of the subject. I believe that each of you can be highly successful in my courses and I am at NYU to assist in that success.


  • "Properties of the Interplanetary Medium derived from Spatial Correlation of Amplitude Scintillations in Jovian Decameter Emission." 1969.
Updated on 02/22/2016