Kyle Wanberg

K. Wanberg

Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, Comparative Literature

Areas of Interest: Global Literature Pedagogy; Translation Studies; Critical Theory

Course(s) Taught: Cultural Foundations I & III

Fellowships/Honors: UC California Studies Consortium Award, University of California Humanities Research Institute; Hayman Dissertation Fellowship, University of California Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium; Dorothy and Donald Strauss Endowed Dissertation and Thesis Fellowship; Dean’s Graduate Fellowship, University of California, Irvine; Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

Teaching Statement:

I enjoy discussing works of global cultural production in ways that bring out the complexity of the works’ contexts and encourage critical thinking in my students and myself. The idea of the “global” is a complex one, being intertwined with flows of circulation, translation, and geopolitical interests, and understanding these stakes can lead to a deeper understanding of the works we encounter in class and our lives. The classroom is a space where students can share their experiences of global interaction and diversity, and discover questions to explore further in their writing or through the city outside.
I hold the view that everyone in the classroom has something unique to contribute to the discussion. The class is a community of thinkers and each person has a perspective to share. I believe that we grow intellectually by developing the critical skills that open and connect us to global complexities and cultural specificities.


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Updated on 02/19/2016