Robin Goldfin

R. Goldfin

Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

M.F.A., New York University, Dramatic Writing

B.A., Temple University, English

Areas of Interest: Writing; Performance

Course(s) Taught: Writing I & II; Creative Writing; Creative Writing:Autobiography; Primo Levi and the Holocaust: Survivor's Tales


Artist Residencies and Fellowships include:

    Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amerherst, Virginia
    The Mishkan Omanim (Artists' Residence) in Herzylia, Israel.

Award from "In Our Own Write" at The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center in Manhattan.

The Provost's Global Research Initiative to support development of a new play, "Suddenly a Knock at the Door," based on stories by Etgar Keret.

Teaching Statement:

I believe in practice. To develop in any art or skill, you must develop a practice.

The way a pianist practices scales or a difficult piece by Chopin; the way an artist sits in The Metropolitan Museum of Art to sketch a sculpture by Carpeaux; the way a dancer goes to class thousands of times in her life to practice the same plies and relevees. A writer needs to practice, in both old ways and new: to plow the same old fields (ā€œIā€™m writing about my family again?!ā€) and also find other roads that lead to discovery and surprise.

The way you practice has everything to do with how you are able to compose. After years of schooling you learn to pursue your talent and your craft for pleasure and for practice.


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  • TIKKUN Magazine

  • ZEEK Magazine

  • The West 4th Street Review


  • One on One: The Best Men's Monologues for the 21st Century

  • Queer Stories for Boys: True Stories from the Gay Men's Storytelling Workshop

Updated on 02/19/2016