Sean Eve

Sean Eve

Clinical Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

MFA, NYU, Dramatic Writing

Areas of Interest: Creative Writing; Art History; Phenomenology; Cognitive Psychology

Course(s) Taught: The Writer, the World, The Text; Writing 2:Methods of Inquiry; Junior Independent Research Seminar; Art and Social Change in New York, Berlin, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires

Fellowships/Honors: Institute for Film and Television, NYU, Excellence in Playwrighting

Teaching Statement: I try to bring adventure based education into the University curriculum, promote writing that is consistent with the cognitive and expressive practices we employ throughout our lives, and believe the work we do should engage the spirit and understanding of our time. I also believe that through writing we can more fully realize who we wish to be and find where we have the most transformative potential as individuals and thinkers.I foster independent, lateral thinking; radical theoretical and formal engagement, creative self-invention, and institutional critique. Don't just answer the question, create it.


  • Paint- A full length play

  • American Heart- A full length play

  • The Shopfront Plays- a sit specific work for Ludlow Street,NY

  • The Fix, and adaption of John Hawkes' The Lime Twig for Catherine Bailey Ltd.

  • Land of the Free, a series for Israeli Television

Updated on 02/19/2016