New Students

Welcome to Liberal Studies! Registering for classes will be one of your first responsibilities as an incoming LS student.

 Are you beginning your studies at a global academic center? Please refer to the Liberal Studies First Year Away website or contact for information specific to your study site.

Registering for Classes

You will register for fall semester classes in on June 6, 2017. Before registration, you will be contacted by your academic advisor about the date of registration and the process. Be sure to activate your NYU email account as early as possible; advising emails will be sent to your official NYU email address. Depending on your program, please review the Core Program New Student Registration Guide or GLS New Student Registration Guide . These guides will help you with:
  • Choosing classes, including elective options
  • Steps to prepare for registration
  • Understanding requirements for your program of study
  • Advanced standing credit and placement exams
Your academic advisor will help answer any questions you have throughout the summer.
Additional Resources for New Students
Every summer, the LS Advising staff offers webinars to address your registration questions. Dates will be announced by email, and recordings will be made available here. Other questions about orientation, residence life, and more? Visit NYU Next Stop and New Student FAQs for information on all of this and more.

Advanced Standing Credit

Advanced standing credits are college-level credits earned before entering NYU and may be awarded toward your NYU degree for the following:
Liberal Studies accepts a maximum of 32 credits of advanced standing. However, no advanced standing credits will apply toward the required courses in the Core Program or Global Liberal Studies, except for mathematics and science. Consult with your advisor about how advanced standing credits might be applied.

With transfer courses completed at other accredited institutions, credits will be applicable only if the content of the course is similar to an equivalent NYU course and a qualifying grade was earned.
How to Get Credits Posted
To be considered, appropriate documentation of your advanced standing credits (e.g. official college transcript or examination scores) must be submitted to NYU Undergraduate Admissions:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, New York University
383 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003
Only after credits have been processed by NYU Admissions will the LS Advising Office have the opportunity to review them. To request advanced standing credits, follow these steps:
  • Read below for issues to consider in having advanced standing credit posted to your academic records.
  • Consult advanced standing credit policies and procedures in the Liberal Studies Bulletin.
  • For potential credit by examination, request your AP scores from the College Board (or other eligible examinations from the appropriate testing agency), and have an official score report sent to NYU Undergraduate Admissions
  • With potential credit for transfer,  send an official  academic transcript from the college attended for review to NYU Undergraduate Admissions
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the decision of accepting advanced standing credit.
Important Considerations for Advanced Standing Credit >>
Should you have your credits posted? Before submitting your work for advanced standing credit, consider the following factors to inform your decision:
  • Credits toward University Requirements: Advanced standing credits, especially those for science or math, may count toward a particular program, department, and/or university requirement. You may consult the link above for more information about course equivalencies and how your credits may count, but you should also consult the LS Advising Office for information specific to your requirements and implications for your academic progress.
  • Credits toward LS Requirements: Advanced standing credits will not exempt you from the Liberal Studies core curriculum requirements in Writing, Social Foundations, or Cultural Foundations. In addition, advanced standing will not exempt GLS students from the Global Cultures requirement, or the expectation to study language at your global site during junior year. Also note that the structure of GLS does not typically allow for early graduation.
  • Financial Aid Implications: In keeping with federal policy, advanced standing credits are factored into financial aid eligibility, both in determining Satisfactory Academic Progress and maximum credit limits on funding. Each set of 16 credits applied to your record counts as one earned semester of financial aid toward the degree, and financial aid may not be available for excess credits completed. For more information about this policy, contact NYU's Office of Financial Aid at 212-998-4444 or
  • Registration Day and Time: The NYU Registrar assigns registration dates and times based on the number of earned credits, including advanced standing credits, posted to a student's record. As such, the more credits you have, the earlier the date and time you will be activated for registration. Learn more about the Registrar's policy.
  • Prehealth Students: If you intend on applying to medical, veterinary, and dental school (or another pre-health program), consult with the LS prehealth academic advisors regarding any advanced standing science or math credit you have earned. The prehealth advisors can offer guidance about which advanced standing credit to accept or decline based on graduate admissions recommendations, course sequencing and prerequisites, and other considerations.  For more information, you may also refer to Prehealth Courses.
Placement Exams

To assist students and their academic advisors in charting a course of study appropriate to individual skills and background, LS offers students the opportunity to take placement examinations through the College of Arts and Science. Exams are offered in math, sciences, computer science and several foreign languages. Refer to Placement Exam Information to find out which exams are available and how/when to take them.