Student Clubs

If you are interested in any of the following Liberal Studies Student Organizations, email the advisor to get involved!

Astronomy Association

The Astronomy Association's mission is to generate interest in science and to increase knowledge of astronomy through discussing current astrological events, attending observations held at local parks, and meeting with guest speakers invited to club meetings. Club members also participate in community events on astronomy, give an individual talk on a topic of interest each semester, and publish research in the Eyepiece Newsletter -- the official newsletter of the National Amateur Astronomers Association.

Advisor: Gerceida Jones


This club will meet for movies, field trips, and discussions regarding LGBTQ issues.

Advisor: Chris Packard


Whether beginners or advanced players, all LS students are eligible to participate in intramural sports. Sports include men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, quikball, tennis, and touch football, as well as co-ed bowling and softball. We play against teams from other NYU colleges.

Advisor: John Barna

LS Economics Club

LS Economics Club introduces LS students to current events, economics, and world affairs. Discussions cover current economic policies in the U.S. and the world, including the theories underlying these policies. The club also organizes field trips to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York Mercantile Exchange. Every semester a leading economist is invited to talk to club members.

Advisor: Ascension Mejorado

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LS Global Media and Cultural Production Club

This club's mission is two-fold: to dissect modern media through the weekly happenings that unfold in the news, and to workshop creative student work. Our lens of analysis will be global, keeping with the ideals of LS.

Advisor: Terri Senft

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LS Law Cooperative

The Law Cooperative is a community for those interested in the different aspects of law. The club's mission is to promote members’ professional, academic, and other goals, which in turn further develops society at large. We believe in constantly learning, encouraging varied debate and curiosity, the principles of transparency and integrity, and motivation.

Advisor: James McBride

LS Poetry Club

The mission of LS Poetry Club is to build community and enjoyment through the study and practice of poetry.

Advisor: Tim Tomlinson

LS Politics Club

LS Politics Club provides an environment for political education, awareness, exploration, and conversation for the Liberal studies student body through forms and facilitated discussions. 

Advisor: J. Ward Regan

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LS Theater Club

LS Theater Club performs full-length plays each semester that are fully staged and fully costumed productions have included works by Euripides, Wilde, Shakespeare, Sartre, Aristophanes, Moliere, Brecht and, Wilder, as well as works written and adapted especially for LS Players. The mission of LS Theater Club is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to express themselves through hard work, while positively influencing themselves and others through art.

Advisor: Farzad Mahootian

Tea and Philosophy

Tea and Philosophy aims to escape the incessant movement that is city life and recede into a more peaceful place – within a community of pensive, wandering, and curious souls through the celebration of teaism and study of great thinkers and into one’s own mind. The Tea and Philosophy club meets once a week to engage in the sampling of teas and in the dialogues created by philosophical thought. Any NYU affiliate, regardless of school or year, is invited. Each weekly gathering will exhibit two different types of tea and a philosophical reading/concept/question to be discussed.

Advisor: Farzad Mahootian

West 4th Street Review

The literary magazine of LS publishes fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, and drawings. Submissions from all LS students, alumni, faculty, and administrators are welcome. Editors, writers, and artists are encouraged to join the staff.

Advisor: Stephen Policoff