Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Liberal Studies has a founding mission to develop global leaders in a world where cultural competency is increasingly important. Our community is committed to respecting difference and maximizing learning through conversation across multiple identities, experiences, and viewpoints. We strive to create a collaborative learning environment that both celebrates our diversity and provides equitable, inclusive opportunities to every student.

Actions to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

During Academic Year 2015-16, LS identified among our students the consistencies and differences in experiences of inclusion, acceptance, and support. We continue to promote equity and inclusion with particular attention to improving the student experience. Immediate action items in LS include:


  • Organized program-wide Conversations for Change to create forums for LS students on issues of diversity and inclusion in academics, advising/student affairs, and global programs. To review discussion notes from these events, please click below:
  • Hosted cross-location, virtual Conversation for Change: Identity and the (Global) Classroom, with staff and faculty from global academic centers that host first-year LS students.
  • Formed Student Advisory Group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to work with Associate Dean of Students and Director of Global Programs.
  • Completed NYU Zone Trainings and inclusive advising workshops among all advising staff and student leaders.
  • Sponsored faculty participation in Virtual Workshop on Race-Consciousness in Classrooms and Curricula: Strategies for College Faculty.
  • Organized LS faculty development seminar on Teaching African Texts in Core Courses.
  • Focused annual LS Faculty Symposium on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yielded discussions including, "How to Talk About Race, Class, Gender, and Privilege" and "Strategies for Promoting Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom."
  • Established new course proposal requirement to detail how diversity, equity, and inclusion will be considered in preparation and teaching of course.
  • Sponsored faculty-led student events contending with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, such as "Global Women's Rights in Action" series.
  • Surveyed international students to assess opportunities for supplemental services and resources.
  • Published webpage with resource information for first-generation college students
  • Hosted pre-departure sessions for study away students to provide framework for cross-cultural issues that might be encountered in each particular host city.
  • Developed summer orientation module to analyze works addressing diversity by authors and artists of color, for Core Program Class of 2020 students.
  • Offered orientation excursions to Activist NY exhibit at Museum of the City of New York, El Museo del Barrio, and the Tenement Museum, for GLS Class of 2019 students.
  • Launched Social Impact Grant program, which funds student-led civic engagement and social justice initiatives to serve the community.
  • Participated in staff training: Microaggressions: Strategies to Improve Your Campus.
  • Developed advocacy programming and enhanced advising support for first-generation and international students.
  • Created room and board scholarship for high-need incoming LS students.
  • Developed pre-departure study away webinar to help students anticipate the challenges and rewards of bringing individual identity to bear in a culture with particular framework and history.
  • Co-sponsored Race, Racism, and Xenophobia, a teach-in exploring how race, racism, and xenophobia are conditioned by location.

In Progress

  • Addition of statement to all course syllabuses regarding how diversity, equity, and inclusion will be respected.
  • Creation of mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness training for newly hired faculty members.
  • Publication of webpages that address issues of identity and study away and provide local information on religious and spiritual organizations; racial, gender, sexual, and ethnic identity support groups; and more resources in each host city.
  • Launch of peer mentorship programs for incoming first-generation and international students.
  • Piloting of educational workshop series co-developed by the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP) to foster deeper understanding of race and social justice issues.
  • Convening of group sessions with first-year students developing the shared stories of our community, with an exhibition of the resulting projects to follow.



  • Creation of student blog reflecting personal experiences of cultural transition during study away.
  • Addition of student leader directory to LS website to facilitate organic peer-to-peer mentorship.
  • Review of course guidelines by faculty to prioritize opportunities to maximize learning through respectful conversation across multiple identities, experiences, and viewpoints.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program-Wide Working Group

    A program-wide working group has been convened to facilitate the sharing of information across and among the different areas of LS; identify diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and concerns of interest and importance to the LS community; make recommendations to the dean on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and report periodically to the LS community.



    Note: 2016-2017 Working Group members are listed below. 2017-2018 Working Group membership is to be determined.


    • 2 representatives from the Student Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Asha Kuziwa, Suleikha Sutter
    • LS Core Representative from the Liberal Studies Student Council - Tiger Kneller
    • GLS Representative from the Liberal Studies Student Council - Marsha Ho
    • 1 additional representative of the Liberal Studies Student Council - Felipe Gomes


    • Co-chair of the Steering Committee - Elayne Tobin
    • Chair of the Faculty Assembly - Brian Culver
    • Chair of Academic Planning Committee - TBD
    • 2 other faculty selected from among volunteers:  Suzanne Menghraj, Sean Eve


    • Representative from Academic Affairs – Irene Hahn
    • Representative from Advising – Jonathon White
    • Representative from Global Programs – Beth Haymaker
    • Representative from Student Affairs – Hannah Pingelton

    Steven Baker will serve as liaison to the Dean's Office.

    Resources for Students

    Get Involved

    Participate in our ongoing conversation on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion by joining the Student Advisory Group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Contact Beth Haymaker, Director of Global Programs, or Jonathon White, Associate Dean of Students.

    Report a Problem

    Have you experienced intolerance, exclusion, aggression, or microaggression? Report the incident through the NYU Bias Hotline: 212-998-2277, bias.response@nyu.edu, or online.

    Find Support

    NYU offers many services to help students navigate issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University. Find current events, support organizations, facts and figures, and resources at Diversity at NYU.